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Anti-Aging Medicine


Anti-Aging Medicine
Aging is inevitable. We don't like the symptoms, but we think we have to live with them and accept them. We are quite wrong!  Somehow we know when we start to get older. Our health may start to be different from when we were young, our body shows signs of flaccidity and we may have more difficulties in maintaining weight. White hairs may appear, we may feel more tired and sometimes sadder. Lack of memory or having greater difficulty falling asleep may also be other indicators.  Glands in our body can no longer produce the same level of hormones as when we were younger. This depletion leads to the signs and symptoms of ageing, in both men and women.

Anti-Aging Medicine Consultation evaluates symptoms and signs of ageing and proceeds with the study of the hormones, vitamins and minerals present in blood and urine. The diagnosis will allow elaborating a supplementation plan with bioidentical hormones, vitamins and minerals, and a personal diet and exercise. This plan enables to reverse aging symptoms, to improve life quality and to optimise treatment results of Aesthetic Medicine.
On the first Anti-aging medical consultation, all symptoms related to aging, as well as signs detected on observation and physical examination, are evaluated. On the second medical consultation, the laboratory tests, which involve collection of blood and urine, are evaluated.
When results from analyses are within the normal range, this doesn’t mean that these are the most adequate values for you.
You may optimise the results using physiological doses, usually microdoses, of bioidentical hormones, combined with a diet that improves hormone production and vitamin and mineral supplementation.

In order for the plan to be well executed, test results must always be regarded in light of the signs found on physical examination and complaints presented at the medical consultation. That is why each treatment plan is personal. Monitoring the treatment will take 3 or 4 months after the initial plan, to optimise doses. Afterwards, monitoring may be carried out at intervals of 6 to 9 months. Each medical consultation may take from 1h to 1h30m.